Monday, August 31, 2009

Ojibwe Forest Rally finished

OFPR is done and over with, and you know what?  I really wish Rally America would secure some decent coverage.  Come on speed channel, there has to be some room in your lineup between repeats of  "pinks" and random Nascar oval madness.

Block rolled on Friday.   Ouch. He and his Co-driver made it out ok.  Bad luck.

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Pastrana took the win with a nearly NINE minute lead.  All that tells me is we need more competition in open class in RA.  I wonder if there is enough money in it yet to get the attention of a PWRC or some of those drivers.  They should at least drop in and wipe the floor with everyone for a race or two for fun.  Just so they really push themselves on the next event!   Pastrana also mentioned "there were deer all over the road, I just knew I was gonna hit one".  I know the feeling bud!  Once you have a bad wreck you see those giant rats out of the corner of your eye at night all over the place.

Final results from RA

Car #199 Pastrana / Edstrom
Car #176 Mancin / Wislawski
Car #684

Car #199 Pastrana / Edstrom
Car #176 Mancin / Wislawski
Car #54 Fox / Blattner

Super Production
Car #684
Car #59 Moro / Wimpey
Car #418 Keeney / Keeney

2 Wheel Drive
Car #90 O'Sullivan / Wagner
Car #155 Conley / Rudolph
Car #600 Van Way / Knott

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