Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Brake dust sucks.

Seriously, brake dust is lame.  I haven't cleaned the dust off the rims of my car all summer.  I personally believe its like a thick coating protecting the rims from harm.

So I finnally decided to get out a couple rags and wipe them down, right before I drove over to a friends farm, and his gravel road.  Smart eh?  Anyway, here are the results of about 30 minutes of cleaning:

See, all pretty now, well except for the curb rash but we can ignore that.  The previous owner did it, I swear.

This is another reason why RallyX is such a cool sport.  See in a AutoX people have their shiny 18" rims and fancy cleaning products and show off their clean cars and then make lots of noise driving slowly in a parking lot.  In RallyX no one cares if your rims are dirty, your cool if you show up with 15" rims and *smaller* brakes, your car goes sideways half the drive and your tires (usually) last longer then a AutoX so its cheaper.

Now I just need to hurry up and get a site ironed out for us Cincinnati/NKy RallyX folks so we have a place to play!

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