Thursday, October 15, 2009

New radio install!

Yesterday I installed a great new headunit, a Kenwood dnx6140. The install went super easy. Much easier then the Pioneer install in my wife's Honda civic the week before (not Pioneer's fault.).

Here are some photos from the install along with a great link for getting the thing apart:

All Apart.

See that black mini-usb cable?  Plug that in and run it under the dash into the passenger seat or the glovebox and keep it hidden. It makes adding POI, voices, icons, and other garmin updates super easy.

Best spot for the mic.  Nice and clear for the people on the other end.

Testing everything before I put the dash back together.

More install pics, plus colors match!


The LCD image actually looks much better in person, but those shots were at 6400iso in a dark garage.  You either expose for the bright LCD or for everything else. The lens also picks up glare you eye doesn't, you can see examples of that in the top most images of the unit that were taken outside (I saw no glare until I looked at the photos).

I'm very happy with the unit.  The Nav is excellent and *very* fast, the USB features are great, having RDS data for radio is very nice and hopefully I'll have a ipod here soon to test those features out.

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